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Built Well Homes

I was born and raised in a small rural town in New Jersey. I graduated high school and went on to get my A.S. degree in structural engineering technology. After moving to Lakeland Florida to continue my college education, I soon discovered my love of building houses. I loved the entire process, and have always taken great pride in saying, “I built that!”.

    I was married to my high school sweetheart, Cindy, in 1981 and we later began raising our family; a son, Robert, and a daughter, Renee. I got my residential contractor license in Florida in 1991 and started my company, Built-Well Homes, Inc., Which I ran there for 15 years.
    In 2006 we moved to Conway, SC. My son, Robert joined the company, and together we both enjoy building quality custom homes. We love Conway, SC. and hope and pray to continue building here for many years to come!

Ron Frost

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